Programmes in the region

Programmes in the region

Leave the city noise behind you and enjoy interesting activities with the whole family in just 1 hour.  Let us show you 5 of our favourite places to visit that you'll enjoy with little ones and big kids alike!


Kerekerdő Challenge Land

The Kerekerdő Challenge Park is located 18 km from Kecskemét in an oak forest with stems.
Their forest rope course system offers adventure elements for all ages, from toddlers to adults.
In addition to the forest rope courses, you can try archery, learn about the local wildlife on a forest trail, wander through labyrinths and meet animals in a petting zoo.





Karikás csárda

Karikás Csárda is a high-quality restaurant located at 135 Nagybugac u. in Bugacon. It offers a wide selection of food and drinks. The interior of the tavern is decorated with folk motifs, the blue-painted tablecloth, the carved wooden chairs, the utensils hung on the walls all evoke the atmosphere of life in the Puszta. From the terrace, a small wooden bridge overlooks the endless wilderness.The interior of the inn can seat 100 people and the terrace can accommodate up to 200 more.






The Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park is a national memorial site of great importance in the history of Hungary. It is one of the most visited museum exhibition sites in Hungary, located in a beautiful natural environment. Today, visitors come here not only for the Feszty ornament: with its attractions, services and events, it offers an experience that can last for several days.

Take a historical journey through time in the reborn Heritage Park, which, thanks to the improvements made, offers a great experience not only in the summer season but also in winter!





Jonathermal Spa and Aqua Park

The Jonathermal Spa and Aqua Park has a thirty-year history. The main activity of the spa is the provision of services to improve physical well-being, with a special focus on therapeutic services based on thermal water, which are mainly recommended for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and rheumatic pain. 

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